Black King Tee

Undercover Prodigy

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The Black King Black T-Shirt from Undercover Prodigy.  This high-quality graphic is printed onto the 100% cotton garment with superior-quality inks to ensure a long-lasting, vibrant design. The graphic printed on black fabric and matches our Red, Yellow, or Blue UP Logo snapback. Available in sizes small through XXL.

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Very nice

Marisa Brownlee
It sucked

It was sent back, it didn’t even make it to my house, I didn’t get my money back either

Bella Xin

Black King Tee

Cindy Kennedy
Nice shirt, but....

I have very little faith in this company. We only ordered 2 items and they completely messed it up!! We ordered the praying hand's hoodie and they sent me a different hoodie...apparently the employees don't know how to check packages adequately...the scan sticker says Praying hands and we have the spray can hoodie in the package...Can you not read or examine an item to make sure it is the correct ite in that bag? VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED...STILL WAITING ON MY PRAYING HANDS XL HOODIE TO BE SHIPPED AT THEIR EXPENSE...SEEMS LIKE THIS COMPANY IS ALL ABOUT $$ AND NOT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION..SHAME IN YOU UNDERCOVER PRODIGY AND HOPSIN!! BAD BUSINESS WITH A FIRST TIME CUSTOMER AND THIS WILL BE MY LAST FOR SURE!! SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN A FULL REFUND INCLUDING SHIPPING...